Luxury Artisan Celebrates The Art of the Craftsman, and is Uniquely Passionate about Luxurious Leather Bags and Accessories.

Luxury Artisan is a collection of Italian and English heritage brands, each producing the finest quality leather bags and accessories.

Brands such as Pineider have been handcrafting leather briefcases, leather wallets and purses in Italy since 1774. Equally, Ettinger have been crafting beautiful leather wallets in England since 1934. They currently supply the Prince of Wales with their exquisite leather goods.

Our collection of leather gloves comes from UK glovemaker Dents and Madova in Florence, Italy. Dents have been making the finest leather gloves for over 230 years. Such is their reputation that they are suppliers to the British Royal Family.

Each brand in the Luxury Artisan portfolio is handpicked by our discerning team to ensure that the quality of the leather goods on our site is consistently high.

Our collection of luxurious leather goods ranges from leather iPad cases in vibrant colours to handmade Italian leather briefcases. They will appeal to the discerning individual, who has a good eye for quality, and truly appreciates the finer things in life.

We hope that you enjoy owning one of our products. You can be reassured that each product is of the highest quality, yet has its own individualistic style.



If you have any comments, please email me personally at rupert@luxuryartisan.com

Rupert Bullock, Founder, Luxury Artisan





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