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Pineider was established in 1774 by Francesco Pineider. He opened a stationery shop in Florence, where he started producing and selling exclusive paper, handmade by local artisans and craftsmen. The shop soon became well known for both the high quality of its paper, and the wide range available.

Francesco Pineider was the first man in Italy to introduce printed letters drawn from the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic tradition. He soon became the stationer of choice for the European bourgeoisie.

In the early nineteenth century, at the request of privileged customers, Pineider created a series of elegant pens, desk sets, folders and accessories.

Later on, Pineider introduced leather goods made in Florence by master craftsmen. Books from valuable private collections and albums were rebound by Pineider in leather, decorated with gold embroidery and personalised with initials and monograms.

History tells us that Napoleon was among the travellers who entered the historical Pineider shop, which became the stationer of choice for authors, artists and poets, such as Stendhal, Lord Byron, Sheeley, Leopardi and Charles Dickens.

In the twentieth century its clients included Liz Taylor, Henry Ford, Marlene Dietrich, Rudolf Nureyev, amongst others.


Today the range is wider than ever before, and includes leather goods, watches, pens, as well as bespoke stationery. Paper is still made using traditional methods.

Such is Pineider's reputation for quality that, in 2009, it was chosen by the Italian government as one of the official suppliers for the G8 summit in Aquila, Italy. Some of the products were selected as high-end gifts to be given to world leaders.

Pineider is a 100% family-owned business.

Every single object is made exclusively in Italy.

Pineider respects traditional Italian craftmanship methods, in order to honour those who love products of the highest quality.


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