• Italian Leather Goods, handmade in Florence, Italy
  • A Family Owned Business

  • Quality Leather Goods, handmade in Florence, Italy
  • Family Business in Florence since 1947




"My Father Silvano didn't like my Grandfather's job: he owned a barber's shop. That's why he started working as an apprentice in a workshop when he was 17." Alessandra Cellerini

The beginning
My Father worked at the Scuri factory for many years. This was one of the best leather workshops in Italy at that time. However, one day a large customer did not pay their bill and Scuri went bankrupt.

After this he rented a small room on Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, repairing leather goods. He saved enough money to buy a sewing machine and an entire hide, so started making leather bags. His first bag was sold to an American woman, who is still a Cellerini customer. She was so excited about the whole process that she began to promote him among her friends, who also started buying Silvano's bags.

Over the years the business grew from strength to strength until, in 1983, the current shop at Via del Sole 37R in Florence was opened.

Silvano still works in the workshop today. The Cellerini family are passionate about preserving the art of handmade leather goods, something that is diminishing in the world today.
Cellerini is a true Italian family business, run with passion and great skill, using the finest Italian leathers and materials.

The result is truly beautiful products that really will last a lifetime.




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